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Beethoven did this too, and he was a genius.

beethoven was not a cat

Yes he was


This cat knows how to relax

Vixx: naked torsos and covered in MUD

from Mnet Mydol Teaser #3


happy easter here is a picture of ravi and n with some eggs



A few days ago, Sewol Ferry crashed and sunk. Many people lost their lives and there has been an outpour of help and support from the national and international community. We know many people would like to help and we want to organize an outreach for anyone who might interested. We have been informed that they are no longer accepting donations due to a surplus and misdistribution of supplies. However if you would like to send letters then we have provided an address and any additional tips that you may find helpful.


Letters should be sent to:

Jessica Lee
531 Lasuen Mall
P.O. Box 13080
Stanford, CA 94305

In your letters feel free to express your condolences. Send messages of support and love addressed to the survivors and the families that may have been affected by this tragic event. Don’t worry about the letters not being in Korean. We have included a list of simple Korean phrases to include in your letters in addition to whatever you may have written.

The letters will be collected by our admin Jessica and sent together with an additional letter in Korean written by her explaining our efforts.

Please have your letters postmarked/sent by Wednesday, April 23th.


hakyeon and candies (๑>ᴗ<๑)

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If you get lost in the forest, you might come across this kid. He won’t talk or anything, he’d just be existing from the corner of your eye and would follow you from a distance. Don’t hate him. He just wants to go home as well.


Cats do not like fruits


OK but how did Vlad get the ecto acne again? Shouldn’t it be like the chicken pox where you get it once and then you’re immune? Maybe his DNA didn’t bond with the ectoplasm like Danny’s did so the ectoplasm is just recognized as a foreign substance in Vlad’s body. Either that or Vlad tried some diet cola for the first time since he had the ecto-acne first and it reacted badly with the ectoplasm already in his system kind of like a food allergy. Just instead of getting a non-spreadable rash he gets a lethal case of acne that can be spread, but wait a minute. Vlad had whatever he used to infect Tucker and Sam in a canister (A Vlad Masters remake of the Fenton thermos no less.) so what exactly was he experimenting with that created a spreadable, liquefied version of ecto-acne?


Marching band snapchats are the best snapchats